08 September / 2021


Citizens of the Republic of Uganda and the Republic of South Sudan may apply for the Russian state scholarships to study at the Russian universities within the quota for international students provided by the Government of the Russian Federation for the academic year 2022/2023.

Candidates should apply on the website: https://education-in-russia.com/. The deadline for the application is November 1, 2021.

To participate in the competitive selection each candidate needs to:

1️. Register on the website education-in-russia.com.

2️. Fill in the electronic application form and indicate:

- family name, first name;

- date of birth;

- address of residence;

- contact details;

- passport data;

- level of education you have got;

- desired educational program;

- desired educational organizations;

- Russian language knowledge.

3️. Attach copies of the following documents:

- application form signed by the candidate;

- valid passport;

- education certificates;

- candidates applying for PhD degree should also provide the research paper on the subject of a future study.

⠀The list of candidates recommended for admission will be published on the official website of the Russian Embassy in “Education” section.

On the second stage, selected candidates should, in the shortest possible time, additionally upload on https://education-in-russia.com/ copies of the following documents:

- academic papers legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as by the Consular section of the Russian Embassy (a candidate should have an education certificate equivalent to the Russian certificate of secondary education);

- Russian translation of the academic papers certified by the Consular section of the Russian Embassy;

- medical certificate confirming that the applicant does not have any contraindications to study in Russia

- Russian translation of the medical certificate certified by the Consular section of the Russian Embassy;

- HIV, TB, Hepatitis (all types) negative certificates

- Russian translation of the HIV, TB, Hepatitis (all types) certificates certified by the Consular section of the Russian Embassy.